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Company Profile

Where does the word “Tiffy” come from?

If you served in the military, you would have received your kit from the “Tiffy”. That was the nickname the soldiers gave to the artificer who gave the troops their uniform. Historically, an artificer or “Tiffy” was any skilled labourer whose work supported the military. We are the “Tiffy” to today’s workforce.

Our Story

Tiffy Safety cc. was started in 1980 by Rob Ellis. He was happiest in overalls, worked hard and built a fine company.

Up until his passing in 2012, he was the longest standing member of the SAPEMA Exco and was instrumental in many key decisions.

He started the “Science Behind the Safety” which was a regular Q&A column published in the National Safety Magazine.

Along with developing his own Tiffywear™ and Zippy™ brands, he was passionate about people and his products.

After Rob Ellis’s death, Tiffy Safety was led by Ray Strydom who brought a wealth of expert knowledge. Ann Nkosi joined the team shortly thereafter, bringing years of experience in the safety shoe industry. She became the 51% Black woman owner of the business in 2020.

In 2022 Ann and Ray decided to retire the business and pursue other interests. As a result, the ownership returned to the Ellis family.

The Ellis family has chosen to continue Tiffy Safety but on a smaller scale focusing on bulk orders to a smaller customer base.

Our customers can attest to the integrity and professionalism with which we conduct our business and will continue to do so.

Our values

Saving Lives and Livelihoods summarizes the heart of our business.

Because we value people,

We endevour to supply workers with the right PPE to ensure worker safety and sustainability in the workforce.

We endevour to supply leading brands of quality attested PPE.

We endevour to deliver timeously and professionally.

We want our customers to say that working with Tiffy Safety is such a pleasure.

Our Strengths

We have 30+ years of experience handling the PPE and clothing requirements of our world-class customers on a bulk scale.

We do on-site visits to check that staff get the correct size uniform.

We work with SABS approved manufacturers to manufacture bespoke Tiffywear™ uniforms.

We customize the PPE uniform to meet the specific needs of departments down to individual names and preferences.

We deliver a bulk order that is easy to receive and distribute.

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